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NORDIC HUMMINGBIRD brings colours and sparks from my journeys as an independent intercultural researcher from different cultures and sacred places around the globe: treasures and inspirations from various spiritual traditions I have found during my wisdom journey.

The heart of this site is my blog, TIMEWEAVINGS, which flows with the freedom of an artist-researcher and a mystic. The  blog is carried by the rhythms and living pulse of Chol Q’ij, the sacred calendar of the K’iche’ Maya.

In my texts I collect nectar from many sources, one bead at a time, letting dimensions of time settle in a tiny drop of presence. The context of my contemplations is planetary, expanding to inquiry of the higher purpose of humanity in the unfolding spiral of eco-cosmological evolution.



Nordic Daykeeper

My academic studies of cultural anthropology, comparative religion, and indigenous spirituality inspired me early on to explore shamanism and animism through my own direct experience, as a participating member of spiritual communities. My path of practitioner led me to study nature-based wisdom traditions around the world, with various elders and lineage keepers. 

This path guided me also on to meet Tat Mark Elmy, who accepted me as his apprentice to become Maya Aj Q’ij. I received my sacred bundle in Guatemala in an initiation ceremony led by Maya elder, chuchq’ajaw Tat Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac on Wajxaqib’ No’j, 16.4.2017, at the altar of Rax Amolo by Lake Atitlán. 

At my initiation ceremony, a respected Aj Q’ij and elder came to me and said: ”You are here because you have listened to your heart, and you have listened to your dreams. You walk the path of the mystic. It is the old way of our people. Do not doubt your path. Walk the path of the mystic.” These words have come to my mind many times in those moments when I have questioned my right to be a daykeeper here in the North, far away from Guatemala.

However, the cosmic Chol Q’ij nourishes us all, supporting us with regenerative flow of eternal cycles. And so does the fresh spring water of timeless wisdom traditions, opening a direct path to the source of all Life. 

I returned to Finland in September 2022 to live here permanently, to be close to my family and rooted in my ancestral lands.

On my wisdom quest I have been inspired by many teachers and mentors. It is not possible to acknowledge you all here, name by name. I send my deepest gratitude to each of you, holding full responsibility for any mistakes in the information I share through this website. 

A creative phase, a time of  wild eldering, has opened in my life. My path continues as an independent artist-researcher. And, forever, as curious mystic. 

I would love to live

like a river flows,

carried by the surprise

of its own unfolding.”

John O’Donohue


Welcome to my blog


Nordic living in alignment with the sacred cyclical time of Chol Q’ij

My blog TIMEWEAVINGS is founded on many years cultural research and by being accepted as an apprentice into living Maya traditions. Invaluable knowledge has been passed to me by my own Aj Q’ij lineage as well as by other respected teachers, elders and Maya wisdom keepers.

Since 2012 I have been living and studying the cycles of Chol Q’ij calendar as a daily ceremonial practice. Since my initiation on 2017 I have been walking the path of a Nordic daykeeper by teaching and mentoring individuals as well as groups.

The sacred Chol Q’ij calendar is thousands of years old. Its timeless wisdom touches us today with its poetic eloquence and precise relevance. The names of the twenty day nawales of the Chol Q’ij calendar are written below in the K’iche’ Maya language.

Each day, one of these day nawales is joining with a numeral nawal, from one to thirteen, as their partner. The daily dance of two cosmic forces, in co-creation, is forming the mathematically precise, yet artistically fascinating 260-day matrix of Chol Q’ij.

In my blog I will open just distilled drops of the mysteries of this sacred calendar, listening with openness and respect how the spiralling guidance of this cosmic river is calling us to evolve, timewave after timewave, into fresh expression each day, keeping the eternal Chol Q’ij circle always in flux and flow.

I am currently working on my book about Maya wisdom and Chol Q’ij timekeeping. The emerging tapestries of this blog are interweavings of my path as a Nordic daykeeper meeting the threads of my multicultural, transgenerational and planetary research in intersection of time, space and consciousness. 





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Independent cultural researcher MA

Visual artist and photographer

Teacher of creative writing

Creative mentor and mystic

Nordic daykeeper, Aj Q'ij


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