2023–09–05 | TZ’I


A holiday by the lake with loved ones. The warmth of the pack, sweet togetherness: children’s laughter, old family stories, the slow weaving of threads of time, nourishing the fabric of trust: remembrance and vivid now, befriending.

Trees around provide an unbroken connection between the earth and the sky. They teach us sense of natural alignment and understanding how to be firmly rooted and still touch the stars with our highest branches of becoming. The seed of our new commitment is listening to the great wind, inspired. What calls us, standing here, together? How to support each other’s visions open their wings?

With tenderness of touch, belonging finds its way. Without any hurry we pause to look deeply into each other’s eyes, cherishing the slowly unfolding miracle. The radiant traces are sinking deep, meeting bright echoes from the past: here, in peace, the blessings of our ancestors can be felt, as they send winged messengers to guide us in the right direction.

With gratitude, we gather around our family tree. We thank the growing branches, the solid trunk, the restoration of our root power. This tree endures: it is wide, open and forgiving. The future whispers, nestles in the palms, wants to heal the wounds.

Our skins have been full of eyes. Emerging is, what in us longs to be seen, in a more subtle way. Each one of us, clearly, a branch of light – and yet there is the soil, embodied connection flowing from heart to heart, a deepening song, our ground. In celebration we feel the bubbling joy of sheltering it all, and still, have our fierce moments of lightnings too. 

Through the forest we gaze into the shimmering of horizons. The lake rolls its waters, opening the book of waves, page by page.  We feel our standing, in peace, in togetherness.

We hear your whispers, great wind.

We are ready for your strength.