2023–05–10 | E’

Called by the light, we dare to flower.

Tenderly, blooming unfolds.

Colors, strong in clarity.  Illuminated,

we stand with the brave, opening

translucent wings, the first

delicate pages in the book of spring. 

In the millennial Maya Chol Q’ij calendar we have been traveling the last thirteen days through a trecena, which began with the day of JUNAJPU. We have been inspired by the mythical journey of the Sun: a tiny, potent seed descending to underworld to face the death of death, then rising from darkness into radiance of sacred path and clarity of purpose. Today is a celebration of this timeless story, a day when the sacred road is illuminated with revelations of eternal now: the brave pathfinder is blessed by flowering steps of ancestors and presence of pure future.

According to the eloquence of Maya poetic cosmovision, every day is a cycle of flowering of the Sun: the fall of the seed of light into the depths of the night, emerging at dawn as a bud from the darkness, at midday opening to the full glory at the height of the path, and then, towards evening wilting into the seeds of the future. If we would see our days in this sacred way, practicing mindfully Time Wisdom, each diurnal cycle could be received as a precious gift, gathered into a circle as fragrant nectar of ephemereal flowering of life, one mysterious a cup at a time.

In this way I have learned to live since 2010, when the ancient calendar wisdom of the Maya people found me. By opening my mornings with attunement, appreciation and deep listening,  I have slowly gathered the essence of my Cho Q’ij diaries. They are a distillation of more than ten years of dedicated research of Mesoamerican calendric systems, and later, based on my own experiences as Nordic Aj Q’ij. During these years my relationship with time has profoundly changed, into experience of time as healing and nurturing, unfolding as daily guidance and joyful invitation to grow and expand my consciousness as a human being embedded in the multidimensional and ever-living relational field of cosmic forces.

Last year, my long nomadic journey around the world circled back home to Finland, to deeply reconnect with my ancestral roots and belonging in a whole new way to my family tree. I spent the whole summer on a writing retreat in the cottage built by my parents, on cherished land where people have have lived since Stone Age. Contemplating by the mirror of the lake I created a new map for my life and work.