2023–08–31 | KAN

At the beginning of 2020, I asked for inner guidance for the coming year. I received a clear message: ”You need to start to work with relational fields”. I replied: I will say yes, but on one condition – I need a teacher for this. When I woke up the next morning, I did an internet search with the keywords ’relational fields’ and the first result was: Thomas Hübl and his CD collection THE POWER OF WE – Awakening in the Relational Field. I ordered it immediately.

In March 2020, the World Health Organization WHO declared the Covid-19 epidemic as a pandemic. A global period of isolation and cultural chaos began. In the middle of this turmoil, I started intensive studies of collective trauma at the Inner Science Academy founded by Thomas Hübl. The emerging healing movement and its we-space provided a cohering support, which carried me and many other participants through turbulence, providing the strength and skills needed to face the distress and pain of the world.

As a cultural researcher, I gained a completely new, essential lens: an understanding of the dynamics of collective trauma, as an integrating context for individual and systemic healing. The multidisciplinary training included pioneering research and a culturally diverse global community. In a rare and exceptional way, the process was always rooted in studies of timeless wisdom, providing guidance how to walk the path of a social mystic in the contemporary world.

In May 2020, I turned sixty years old. It was poignant crossing of a threshold, a gentle invitation to become an elder, and hopefully a wise one. On my birthday FB-post I wrote that at this point of life, my choice is to listen to the song of the deep stones. As the cacophony of unstable voices and surface foam of the pandemic was rising, I was called to dive into the silent undercurrents of the raging river, to be in touch with the deeper layers of time, to find more sustainable cultural navigation provided by well-rooted wisdom traditions.

My immersion into the studies of collective trauma opened an expansive field of new research, bravely mapping the challenges and vast potential for planetary restoration. Since the spring of 2020, I have been participating both in long and in shorter trainings organized by Inner Science Academy and Pocket Project.

In 2021, the application process opened for Inner Science Academy’s two-year Timeless Wisdom Training. In December 2023 I will be graduating as the first Finn in its 15-year history.

The intensive and experiential two-year TWT training has been deeply transformative. The systematic restructuring has combined individual, intergenerational, and collective trauma healing process (IAC) as well as training in mystical principles of Inner Science. This profound experience has been a complete re-tuning of my own bodily instrument and a deep release and integration of trauma burdens, gradually stabilizing into a phase of post-traumatic learning and growth.

Already during the first year of my TWT program, a wonderful synchronization took place, related to my personal history and childhood lands. While I was working through trauma-based blockages contracting the flow of my life force, a rewilding project for Raisio river had begun in my childhood landscape of Mahittula. The restoration has included dismantling of the four dams that has restricted the natural flow of the river. This year, by the end of my own TWT training, the Raisio river will be free of dams.

The time has arrived for my underground river, hidden from sight, to finally emerge. The long dive into the dark, frozen layers of the stream, my patient listening to the song of ancient stones and journeying into the depth of my ancestral roots has finally matured to the point of its cycle, where the journey of change can be opened and shared.

The circle is now complete.

The little girl, yellow flowers on her lap

listens now to the song of a free river.

Her years, echoing home.