2023–09–20 | KAN

In the Finnish language, the word ’destiny’ has a particularly deep meaning: it is the part we get, our foothold, our own special place embedded into the soil of shared humanity and the inheritance of our planetary landing. How can this place become a home?

Returning home, regaining the sense of my own patch, has been for me a slowly unfolding weaving journey of many threads. During the last years I have re-connecting deeply with Finnish language and my ancestral lands of birth, with a willingness to face the past and its traumas within the continuum of rings of my own tree of life, a wider family tree and a world tree that expands across dimensions of space-time and beyond. Circle by circle, breathing inwards, expanding outwards, I have grown to understand what an embodied human experience can be, when it is a soul-somatic arrival into the peace and presence of a home tree, without denying any of the suffering. 

The home of three trees creates a safe haven, as we travel through the spheres of multitemporality of our human life. It is a place of to leave from and return to, among its branches we can learn to nest, in our original belonging and knowing of how to live in sacred connection. It is also an ancient map of the three worlds, tested by many cultures, always sprouting and regenerating new interpretations, an animistic and shamanistic axis mundi : the cosmic home of all life, keeper of wholeness of the lower, middle and upper realms. 

From the heart of the home of three trees, our expanded life story can be born. When it can be interwoven with the greater cosmological context and aligned with natural cycles it will organically find its ever deepening roots in the evolutionary biography of our planet Earth. I am calling this home of three trees AIKAINPUU – which could be translated from Finnish as Tree of Times. I will be using the original Finnish expression in my future writings, as the name of my creative mentoring and cosmographic map of my TimeHealer’s Journeys.

 At its core is our own inner story, our soul myth. From the given patch of destiny it is possible to open our quest in a wider relational and cosmological context, that aligns with the cyclical way of life. From its essential spaciousness our Soul Tree is free to grow into all its dimensions, embracing the worlds, flowing through them with unfolding spirals, that reach deep into the planet Earth as well into the mysteries of the universe.

AIKAINPUU is both a map and an emergent, flowing process of exploration branching towards mature humanity and responsible planetary citizenship. This approach is the basis of my creative mentoring and guidance for trauma-informed and trauma sensitive autobiographical writing.

We can each weave our own memories, mythological treasures, dreams, songs and stories that have gifted and touched us into the three-tree map. It creates an intergenerational home for the presence and remembrance of our ancestors. Three-tree-home can reveal our true uniqueness, as we acknowledge our humanness in a non-anthropocentric way and honour the interbeingness of all life. The healing journey includes untangling the knots of our transgenerational burdens and repairing the broken threads of our life story, on a humbling quest that is about ‘walking forever’ as the illumination of our most painful shadows is never completed. 

By offering AIKAINPUU mentoring and TimeHealing Journeys I hope to be a guide, who helps to navigate through various spheres of our multitemporal life and its intercultural layers, by holding a safe explorative space, where everyone can journey in an intentional way to their own soul landscape,  respecting their own rhythm of opening an unique map, becoming a cartographer of their inner realms and integrating peace by peace a holistic web of all relations. 

I would like to emphasize that I am not a psychotherapist by training or a professional of trauma-specific healing modalities, but an intercultural researcher and creative mentor, whose context is woven from journeys into cosmologies and mythological heritage of many world cultures, to the sacred places and ancestral lands of spiritual wisdom traditions around the globe. These travels have included the studies of my own Nordic roots which blend lineages from East and West, as well as experiential and autoethnographic studies of animism, shamanism and indigenous cultures in Europe as well in North, South and Central America. During past three years all these elements have been integrated to a core mission: TimeHealer’s Journey.

The trauma-informed foundation of  AIKAINPUU-mentoring is based on my own personal trauma integration journey during my training with Thomas Hübl, whose IAC-process combines in a fluid and overlapping way the healing journeys of individual, intergenerational and collective trauma, always in container of a presencing we-space. I have described this trauma healing journey in my previous blog post, Journey into Deep Waters.

The broader theoretical framework of my AIKAINPUU approach is the integral theory developed by Ken Wilber. Ken Wilber has also influenced Thomas Hübl’s thinking early on, and the visionary ideas of these two systemic and cultural pioneers are naturally woven into my world view and value base of my work. 

For final words and to honour the invaluable guidance and support for my own trauma healing journey of last three years I quote the words of Thomas Hübl from his book Healing Collective Trauma – a process for integrating our intergenerational and cultural wounds

We are, each of us, a living multidimensional matrix of connection; we are fitted to one another, to our ancestors, and to all other life-forms. While we remain indissolubly linked to the whole, and higher aspects of each and all, we are equally bound to their denser and dissociated forms. We contain not just our own fragmented shadows but together carry the dark of our ancestors, our cultures, our planet, and our cosmos. Awakening transcends the individual, because integration is about all of us. 

Whether walking into your job or your therapist’s office, you carry with you the holographic embodiment of your ancestral tree – its roots and its branches run through you. Your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, whether or not you knew them in life, are as present in you and vital to who you are as the DNA they passed to you, and which, even now, is replicating to build and rebuild your material body. Indeed, their lives and experiences can be accessed, and their karmic patterns can be cleared. And all this can be done through the gifts of intention, attunement, presence and light.